Cost of a Broiler House

The cost of a broiler chicken house varies – depending on the size and the location of the chicken house. Prices can also change dramatically depending on what poultry equipment you wish to place in your broiler house. Layer houses for egg production are more expensive than a broiler house.

Size of the broiler house

The size of your broiler house can be anything from 6m x 3m up to 12m x 150m. Small farmers wishing to farm with a small poultry unit will go up to a maximum size of 30m x 6m on a broiler house – the price of a Yellow Door Broiler House, complete with all the chicken equipment you need to run a successful chicken farm, will depend on the size, whether you want a concrete floor and where in African you are – the further you are from Pretoria, the more the transport costs will be. Basic broiler house price can be found at broiler house prices.

Yellow Door Poultry House Prices




Layer Cages or Nest Boxes

If you wish to do free range eggs you will need to use a nest box. If you wish to do intensive egg farming you will need layer cages or battery cages. The price of chicken cages varies depending on how many cages you wish to place in your broiler poultry house – the more cages the more you will need to spend. Nest box prices depend on how many holes, or bays the nest box will have, and whether the nesting box is wall mounted or free standing.

The price of a chicken house in South Africa mostly depends on who you buy from -  the cost of a chicken house varies from supplier to supplier – and the quality of the chicken houses also varies – make sure you know what the dimensions of the steel and the thickness of the slab – some poultry house manufacturers offer a slab – but in fact it is just a “topping” of concrete that they throw inside the house – this slab does not extend past the edge of the poultry house and therefore when the rains come the soil will wash away around the broiler house. The price of a broiler house can also be affected by the lay of your land – if you are on a slope you will need to level the ground – or pay the poultry house manufacturer to do it – again – watch out for suppliers that just come and dump the chicken house – your house needs to be level – and yellow door houses are always built level and straight. Always compare prices – the cost of a broiler house may seem cheap – but then you get a cheap chicken house – and that will not last.

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