Broiler Houses

A broiler Chicken house is a steel structure designed for raising chickens – these chickens are grown for the purposes of eating. When doing free range broilers the chickens need access to the outside. Free range flaps on the sides of the broiler house are used for this purpose on a free range broiler house.

Poultry House for broiler chickens

Broiler poultry house for 3000 chickens

A free range poultry house has all the features of a standard broiler house, curtains, winches, water tank, gas heaters, drinkers, and tube feeders. The only difference is the flaps on the sides, and of course you will need a fence around the house to stop your broilers from wandering, and to keep predators outside. A well built broiler house must have a cement slab. This means you can spray the house down with a high pressure hose at the end of a 6 week cycle. If you have a dirt floor you will not be able to clean properly. A cheap alternative to a cement floor is a heavy duty groundsheet. This can then be removed at the end of the cycle and scrubbed and sanitised. Broiler houses, broiler chickens and broiler equipment are easily available in South Africa – try us!

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